Dave Greenow - Hagley Ward

Dave Greenow – Hagley Ward

Parishes: Bartestree; Lugwardine; Preston Wynne; Westhide; Withington


Since becoming a councillor in 2011 I have fought large development planning applications, successfully favouring small organic growth. 6 large developments turned down in the last 12 months. As a result of  working with Parish councils and residents.

I have also fought ought hard for improved roadways and successfully in getting a large proportion of our road network resurfaced. Fought and successful in getting ditches and culverts etc cleared to improve water runoff to improve the condition of our roads.Fought successfully to get the safer road partnerships to give an increased presence in the area resulting in safer roads for our pedestrians.

I have supported parish councils in the implementing of neighbourhood plans. Supported many residents in a variety of issues including waste collection, parking problems, noise pollution, and general social issues.

As an experienced councillor I will continue to fight for the residents businesses and schools in the Hagley ward and will continue to fight for safer roads better services and to support the parish councils in their efforts=ts to be active representatives of village life. 


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