Councillor Nigel Shaw - Bromyard Bringsty Ward

Nigel Shaw – Bromyard Bringsty Ward

Parishes: Brockhampton (Bringsty), Bromyard( East)), Edvin Loach & Saltmarsh, Linton (Bringsty), Norton, Tedstone Delamere, Tedstone Wafre, Upper Sapey, Whitborne, Wolferlow.

I’m Nigel Shaw, your Conservative councillor for the Bringsty and Bromyard Ward.

I live on a smallholding on Bringsty with my wife Cathy now that our son and daughter (educated in Whitbourne) have moved away.

I work from home and have run my own company. I have attracted over £1m in business support grants from Europe for small companies in Herefordshire and rural west Worcestershire when I initiated the Prograta Fund when running the Malvern Hills Science Park.

I feel privileged to have lived the last 25 years on Bringsty Common. Like many of you, I am concerned at the effects of recent public funding cuts on limited rural amenities. I support development that impacts positively on the lives that it affects and the creation of jobs local to where people live, especially apprenticeships for those starting out in their working life.

Aged just 55, I am a passionate supporter of country living and believe that this ward deserves both a younger voice and a voice in the majority political group in Herefordshire if our views are to be heard.

I’ll be pleased to talk with any of you about issues affecting our ward, and the relevance of the Conservative party to country life. So if you’d like to meet me in person then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Member of the General Overview & Scrutiny Committee and the Health and Social Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee I am also a member of the Bringsty Commom Manorial Court.