Councillor Clive Skelton - Castle Ward

Clive Skelton -  Castle

Parishes: Almeley, Brilley, Brobury and Mornington-on-Wye, Eardisley, Kimmersley, Letton, Norton Canon, Samesfield, Staunton-on-Wye, Wyitney-on-Wye, Willersley and Winforton

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Rose Cottage, Great Oak, Eardisley, HR1 6LU

Phone: 01544 327 583

Mobile: 07471 202268



I have lived in the Eardisley area nearly all my life, apart from short periods working away. I am 64 years old and will shortly retire from my job as Building Surveyor with McCartneys based in Ludlow. That has allowed me the time needed to act and to be available to deal with your local concerns as and when they arise.

I am married to Jackie, (also a local family).  We have 3 children and 3 grand daughters.  I attended Lady Hawkins Grammar School, then went on to study quantity surveying at  Aston University. After obtaining my degree, I worked as a surveyor on various large building projects in the south west, returning to Herefordshire to help run the family business in Kinnersley.  In 1991 the business was purchased by a multi-national company.  At this point I joined McCartneys as one of the Chartered Building Surveyors. 

I aim to ensure that our beautiful countryside is protected and maintained for future generations. However, as we are all aware, we have an ageing population creating more financial demands on social services, so it is essential that we also have a contributing, healthy and sustainable economy. I intend to work in close partnership with local businesses to establish the correct balance between economic growth and countryside stewardship.  

One of the ongoing concerns, due to our position in the North West area of Herefordshire, is the transportation of stone from the quarries at Kington to the rest of the country.  As this must travel through our area it inevitably leads to congestion and public safety problems on roads that are too narrow, being originally designed for horse and cart.  I would hope to maintain a close working relationship with the operators of the quarries to reach a situation where both quarries and residents can co-exist.

Another concern is the deterioration of our rural surgeries due to a lack of doctors, with doctors being encouraged to specialise and work in the larger, bigger hospitals instead of  taking up posts as general practitioners in the rural community.

Member of the Planning Committee and the Planning Site Inspection Committee, member of the Regulatory Committee also member of the Jarvis Educational Foundation and the River Lugg Internal Drainage Board.